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New analytics offered at

August 8, 2012

Now that there are 200+ GW of solar already installed, we should make sure these arrays are producing electricity as they should.
Murphy’s law dictates, especially no-one is watching.
Things happen, dust, bird drops, insects, vandals, rain, snow & storms do their things to solar modules. We estimate over 15% of capacities are not realized due to some faults. That translates to $10B worth of economic return loss to the investors, or owners of these solar sites.
That’s why Wattminder had deployed our analytical services at,
free to the worlds solar power owners and operators to help them watch-over their
solar arrays’s performances; whether or not they have monitoring service.
Please check it out and tell your PV owner friends about it too.


How to checkup on your solar installation.

August 2, 2012

Wattminder rolled out the World’s most advanced analytics on performance of solar arrays, at Anyone can do a quick checkup on a solar installation, with or without sensor or instrumentation, or reasonable estimation of environmental condition.  A registered user can achieve instant checkup by entering a recorded value (in Watts).  A user can even get an assessment of degradation over time, of his/her solar power plant. 

Preventive Prescription for Solar Power –Wattminder

June 26, 2010

In real life, Murphy’s law rules–what could go wrong will go wrong.

Many or most solar power sites under-perform and goes without notice.

Wattminder combines sophisticated data acquisition and analysis circuitry with intelligent algorithms to provide a the most accurate online monitoring and diagnostic service available to the solar industry.  Our solution will allow operators of revenue-critical solar power plants to maintain optimal performance by detecting and diagnosing under-performance with actionable messaging. An average PV system can under-perform by as much as 13% leading to a $4B in lost revenue worldwide.